My Entire Outlook on Self Confidence Has Changed

"When I first came to Molly, I had been dealing with weight loss, digestion, constipation and bloating issues for what felt like my entire life. I had also been through serious medical treatments and never felt like the energy I had before them returned. I was frustrated, sad all the time and extremely self-conscious. I had tried different methods on my own to lose weight and the number on the scale only crept up. In six months of working with Molly, I have lost a total of twenty lbs., which for me is a lot. I have more energy than I've had in years and I don't crave the same unhealthy foods as I did before. My entire outlook on self-confidence has changed in addition to the physical benefits of working with Molly. It is so transparent how much Molly cares about her clients. It is incredibly easy to discuss awkward topics related to the body with her. She is funny, approachable and knows what she is talking about. She customizes each plan for all of her clients based on their struggles, desires and symptoms. If a life change is what you are searching for, I insist that you work with Molly. "

31 years old | New York City

Nothing Short of Live Changing!

"Working with Molly has been nothing short of life changing. With Molly’s guidance I have been able to do the work needed to reclaim my life, while simultaneously rediscovering myself from the inside out. I am a completely different person than I was 7 months ago, not to mention 20 pounds lighter. Losing weight was never the goal but as I centered my attention around cleansing from the inside out, the weight seamlessly started to fall off. Molly has taught me HOW to listen to my body so that I can give it what it truly craves each day.  In addition to getting my health back, I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained, and have never felt stronger or happier in my entire life. Thank you, Molly!"

25 years old

Working With Molly Has Completely Changed My Life

"I can’t remember a time in my life when I felt truly healthy. I had all but given up until I spoke with Molly. Having been through multiple treatments, I was skeptical, but Molly had an incredible amount of confidence, knowledge, and, ultimately, her own story. Her vivaciousness, and lust for life convinced me. I haven’t looked back! Working with Molly has completely changed my life- my physical health has improved as has my confidence and over all mental health. There have been ups and downs where I lose sight of how far I’ve come, and Molly is always there to give me that extra bit of strength to keep working. I have more energy, my hair has stopped falling out, my dermatitis has cleared up, my joint paint has improved, I have less inflammation, and way more energy! "

31 years old

I have tons of energy, can think clearly and have lost 40 pounds.

"Molly Rose is a smart , caring, attentive nutritionist. I started working with her last August because I was feeling tired, fuzzy headed, was overweight, and didn’t want to take the pharmaceuticals that I was prescribed for blood sugar and cholesterol.  Now, just after just 9 months, I have tons of energy, I can think clearly, and I have lost 40 pounds. Needless to say, I never even filled my prescriptions. I use the tools she provides. She is motivational and lighthearted. I am happy to say, anyone looking to make changes with their eating habits and get great results in their health, work with Molly!"

40 years old

Molly's Methods Are Unlike Anything I've Tried

"I have been dieting my whole life, and always struggled to keep my weight down. Molly’s method is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. She truly understands the body and knows how to effectively decrease inflammation so that weight loss can happen with ease. I am so grateful to Molly for changing my body, mind, and life."

30 years old

I Noticed A Huge Difference

"Within the first month of working with Molly, I noticed a huge difference in my digestion, body, and overall mental health."

40 years old

It's Been Only Four Months And I Feel SO Much Better

"When I first started working with Molly, I had forgotten what it felt like to feel well. It had been months of daily stomach pains, bloating, upset stomach, headaches, and more. I was constantly tired, and my body temperature was always cold. After speaking with Molly on my initial call, she was able to put together a plan for me that didn’t require any major or uncomfortable changes. It’s only been four months, and I feel SO much better. I have zero stomach pains, and no bloating at all. I feel energized and the happiest that I have felt in a long time. I have also been weaned off of all the medication that was prescribed for “IBS”. Molly has truly changed my life, and I will be forever grateful!"

30 years old

Working With Molly Has Been a Transformative

"I had always considered myself very healthy. I worked out multiple times a week, ate well, and was even certified as a health coach.  But something in my body wasn't well- I had gained over ten pounds in a year and I didn't know why.  I had gone off of hormonal birth control and hadn't had a period in over 6 months.  I was diagnosed with PCOS and a gynaecologist told me that there was nothing I could do to get my period back except for get back on the pill. I decided I needed to see a functional nutritionist for some help.  After my first session with Molly, I knew that I had made the right decision.  She understood everything I was going through and gave me a personalized program that changed with me, from session to session.  Her knowledge of nutrition, detoxification, supplements, gut and liver health, and how the body functions best brought me back to myself again. After a year of working together, I lost all the weight, and I am back to a completely regular period! I couldn't recommend Molly enough - She truly changed my life and I am so grateful!"

‍3 years old

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