Based on science, rooted in nature.

The Molly Rose Method helps you reach your wellness goals by implementing holistic and scientific methods based on your body’s unique chemistry. The method includes custom nutrition, detoxification, and cellular up-building, to help you take back control of your body and mind. If you've tried everything from paleo to plant-based, but nothing seems to work, contact Molly today!


Customized Nutrition For Everybody

Not everybody is built the same, resulting in the need for different nutrients and detoxification approaches. After we learn about your wellness goals, current lifestyle, and evaluate your bloodwork, we customize a plan to help you achieve optimal health.


"Health is the perfect blend of diet, detoxification, and cell regeneration. That is how I help my clients achieve their goals. It is always custom, and that is why it works."

Molly Rose  —  Founder

We Harness The Power of Plants

We utilize an arsenal of botanical super powers and harness them to increase your energy levels, eliminate inflammation like stubborn abdominal fat, and establish a new baseline for your body’s health.


About Molly Rose Hoffman

Molly Rose Hoffman is an experienced Functional and Holistic Nutritionist. Molly is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and acquired her CNS credentials through the prestigious BCNS curriculum. Molly also earned her Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health and has trained and studied with leaders in the field worldwide. With over 10 years of experience in holistic health, she specializes in matters of the microbiome, detoxification, women’s hormonal support, prenatal care, weight management, and so much more. She is extremely passionate about helping her clients achieve optimal health and happiness.

"Molly’s method is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. She truly understands the body, and knows how to effectively decrease inflammation so that weight loss can happen with ease. I have never felt better in my own skin, and I am so grateful to Molly for changing my body, mind, and life."
Elizabeth M. — New York, NY
"Molly completely changed my life, I'm now full of energy and no longer suffer from brain fog."
Elizabeth M. — New York, NY

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